Staying relevant is important to any business. At Susan's Gourmet we have some special cheeses that didn't exist in our inventory a few years ago. Popular demand for our products is growing and our customers want a much wider diversity, higher quality, and very close supervision during handling and production. We make all our cheeses kosher (very kosher!) and because of that, we take care to only use the best natural ingredients possible. You won't see us cutting corners to save a few pennies.
SO, if there is a product out there perhaps like parmesan cheese, we have to take care to only use the best natural and kosher ingredients. Of course, in the end we have to look, taste better, and be better than our non-kosher counterpart. Eureka! That is exactly what has happened! Just taste what we have to offer.
Upcoming will be lebaneh and some other very unique cheeses like halumi and kashkaval as well as some of the rare Italian favorites.
Ask your grocer if you don't see them on the shelf!
Small Batch Hand Crafted Cheeses from Around the World
Aged Parmesan coming  to your stores now