Twenty years ago Susan was making small batches of cheese to help immigrants to the US enjoy their basic Mediterranean Foods. What was once found in their local villages was sorely missed.

Fresh cheese curd was and still is a staple of the Mediterranean palate. It is the base for many delicacies such as string cheese "mshalaleh" and a key ingredient for many desserts like Knaffe.Our Italian friends have been making mozzarella for years but our cheeses are a combination of both northern and southern Mediterranean styles with bold concentrated flavors.
Susan's Gourmet Cheese looks forward to bringing you an ever growing line of products you will love, enjoy, and share with friends.

Watch us as we continue to grow! With production now in Wisconsin, New York, and New Jersey our product line is expanding. From our original line of mozzarella, string cheeses, and basket cheeses, we now have cheddar, havarti, muenster, parmesan and our newest addition, Asiago! Many of our new additions are Kosher for Passover year round.

From the richest ricotta on the market to new and innovative products like our new Portabella Mushroom or Chili and Lime, you will always know you are getting the best and highest quality from us.

Susan's Gourmet Cheese has taken thousands of years of tradition with all the love Susan, our Mom, could muster and has been creating the cheeses we have today. Our plant located in Buffalo, NY is a state of the art facility that not only meets all the Department of Agriculture and FDA requirements but also the highest levels of Kosher supervision one could expect. Luscious and creamy cheeses that satisfy the most discerning palates is available in the US and internationally.
Small Batch Hand Crafted Cheeses from Around the World